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Selected Stories & Tales

"Heart of a Panther" novelette in MARVEL's BLACK PANTHER: TALES OF WAKANDA

The Parts That Make Us Monsters

We didn’t want your nail clippings or your blood. Your laughter, or tears, would do.
Strange Horizons

"Sound Advice" Excerpt from Nine Bar Blues

Faded vintage posters plastered the walls. Burgundy velvet covered the steps. Mopti walked up each one, careful...
Nine Bar Blues
: Stories from an Ancient (Third Man Books)


If you have a worry your heart can’t seem to hold, take your troubles to the trees, my grandmama would say. That...

Lightspeed Magazine

"Teddy Bump"

FIYAH Magazine

"Origins of Southern Spirit Music" by Sheree Renée Thomas by Poets & Writers

Sheree Renée Thomas reads her story, "Origins of Southern Spirit Music," as part of the Let's Play exhibit at Pr...


Harvard's TRANSITION: The Magazine of Africa and the Diaspora
Issue 117

Aunt Dissy's Policy Dream Book

That night I dreamed my room was alive. The walls, the doors, the ceiling pulsed and heaved as if they were fles...

Apex Magazine


Tree of the Forest Seven Bells Turns the World Round Midnight

Thistle stood with her back to him, all curve and joy, a plum-skinned promise of delight. He tried to follow her...

"Barefoot and Midnight" in APEX MAGAZINE #122 and The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror volume 3 edited by Paula Guran

"Ancestries" in NINE BAR BLUES: Stories from an Ancient FutureLightspeed Magazine, The Year's Best Dark Fantasy & Horror volume 2 edited by Paula Guran, and The Year's Best African Speculative Fiction volume 1 edited by Oghenechovwe Donald Ekpeki


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